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Comprehensive Battery and Alternator Checks at Our Stores

Are you concerned your car is not starting up like it usually does. You can come past any of our store locations and get your battery checked, we will also check your alternator charge rate.

A large range of batteries are kept on site of all of our store locations and we offer 24 months warranty on all of our batteries, we also inspect terminal condition with every battery change.

It is clear that you need a great car battery in order to keep your vehicle in Prestons working. A battery can help power up your car for tens of thousands of miles.

Still, there are often times when a battery might stop working. That is when you can contact us for assistance.

Expert Battery Service and Care

This is especially important as a weak battery can cause damage to your vehicle. It can weaken the electrical system in your vehicle and cause your alternator and starter to stop working properly. By contacting us, you can ensure that your vehicle will not be at risk of further damage.

We will assist you with all the necessary parts and processes associated with using a car battery:

We can review the particular type of battery you need for your vehicle based on size and other points and then install it.

Your old battery will also be safely disposed of. We use proper disposal procedures with the environment in mind.

Terminals and connections can also be analyzed and potentially cleaned as needed. This ensures that a proper link is ready so a battery can actually work. It is useful for cases where you have a new battery but it is not being read by your car.

A battery test can also be used. This car service feature works by analyzing the amount of power produced by your battery at a given time.

We can help you get the most out of your battery. Check on how well our car service can help you get the most out of your battery.

Nu-Tech Car Care Service: Batteries