Clutch and Brakes

You must ensure that your brakes are repaired and checked regularly. We can also machine your discs and drums to ensure you don’t have squeaks or vibration after your brakes change.

The choice of brakes is up to the customer, ordering in genuine parts is also an option at the customer’s request.

You must ensure that your clutch and brakes are repaired and maintained properly. You need these parts secured properly so your vehicle will be easier to control. This is especially the case if you are constantly driving in tight situations. We have a full brake service that helps to analyze these key parts in your vehicle.

Our services are especially important if you have an older vehicle or one that goes through a great deal of pressure and stress while driving. Shifting and constant braking can cause your clutch and brakes to wear out. Our service will help with repairing and replacing any parts that might be difficult to handle.

We will start by analyzing your clutch. We can review all your clutch and pressure plates and replace them as needed. The clutch can also be fully aligned if necessary.
Your brakes can also be reviewed as we can clean off the brake wheels or even replace brake pads. The entire braking system can be replaced if necessary. We work with air, hydraulic and electric brakes alike.

Any transmission or brake fluids in your vehicle can also be reviewed. They may be restored or replaced to keep such parts from drying up and being at risk of further harm.

Be sure to contact us as soon as possible if you suspect brake or clutch problems in your vehicle. If it takes longer to brake, the clutch pedal releases too high or the brakes and clutch start to make noise then contact us for help. Our clutch and brake service will help you get the most out of these key parts of your vehicle.