Cooling System Service

We carry out Radiator repairs, replacements and services. This is very important to ensure your car operates at the correct operating temperature. We check coolant concentrate and condition with every service.

Our trained technicians can also carry out a pressure test on your cooling system to ensure your vehicle has no water leaks and also check the hose condition in your cooling system.

The importance of having a comfortable cooling system is something that must be explored. A quality cooling system is needed to ensure that coolant can move through your air and engine inside your vehicle.

When the cooling system fails to work, the engine will be at risk of overheating, thus making it prone to damages. This can be threatening but a cooling system service can assist you with keeping this part of your vehicle from being at risk of potential harm.

Our car service will help you with taking care of your cooling system before it can suffer from too much fatigue. A full inspection of your system can be used at the start. This is to see if there are any leaks in your system that might keep coolant from moving through as well as it should.

A flush and fill service can also be utilized. This entails draining the existing coolant and replacing it with new coolant. This is to get rid of any impurities that might have developed in your system while also restoring the fluid levels in the vehicle.

Be sure to get your car over to our car service station to get the cooling system service that it requires. Make sure you do this if your vehicle starts to run hotter than usual when you start it or if you start to sense a syrupy smell around your vehicle as these are often signs that the system is not working properly and you need to get your cooling system reviewed or fixed.