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Smoother Rides, Safer Turns, Even Tyre Wear

There are many problems that might come about within your suspension system over time. Your car might start to ride rough. That is, you might feel every single bump in your vehicle as you drive along. In other cases your vehicle might be pulling or drifting during turns. There are even times when your tyres might have uneven treads as they are not wearing out properly.

Such threats can be a real problem. This is where our suspension service can help you with keeping your vehicle under control. We will help with proper auto repair solutions for any problems in your suspension system.

Repairs we carry out are as followed:

Expert Suspension Service

We cover a large range of suspension repairs, keeping your suspension properly maintained will ensure your car drives smoothly and handles the way it should.

Analyze all shocks and struts, testing their functionality, and replace them if necessary.

Maintain the stabilizer bar to ensure it effectively spreads energy over the tyres for optimal control.

Inspect the stabilizer bar for proper operation and to reduce undue stress on the vehicle.

Test the suspension fluid to check for leaks or the need for replenishment.

Address any suspension fluid issues, restoring or repairing to maintain proper lubrication of shocks and struts.

The suspension service we offer is made to see that your vehicle isn’t going to be at risk of harm while driving. Contact us for help if you are in regularly bumpy situations and you need to get your car fixed up or inspected so it can handle such conditions with ease.

Nu-Tech Car Care Service: Suspension