Tyre Services

All of our new tyres that are sold are also balanced upon fitting them. We stock a large range of sizes and can order in most major brands. Our tyres are very competitive in pricing starting from just $49. We also recommend rotating your tyres every 10,000kms to ensure you get the best possible wear out of your tyres

Your car’s tyres have to be properly aligned and balanced for your vehicle to be easy to control. This is also to see that the tyres will wear evenly while reducing the risk of one blowing out or otherwise being at risk of further harm.

We have a number of tyre service solutions for all vehicles in Prestons to benefit from. This part of our car service will make a real difference in terms of helping you get the most out of your tyres.

We start by offering wheel balancing services. This is where correction weights are applied around the tyres and wheels to ensure that there is enough weight coming along all the tyres and wheels.

Wheel alignment services are also included among our tyre-related solutions. The angles of the tyres and wheels will be adjusted so they will be parallel with one another while also being perpendicular to the ground. We work to keep these under control as there are often times when your wheels might shift and become improperly aligned.

We also have full tyre rotation services. This entails switching out the positioning on each tyre. This ensures that the treads will wear out evenly. As a result, the lifespan of your tyres will increase without being hard to use.

We work hard to see that your tyres are protected and can last for as long as possible. Get in touch with us to see how our tyre service can help you keep these parts of your vehicle running right.