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Vehicle Scanning

Advanced Engine Scanning for Accurate Diagnostics and Timely Repairs

Engine light came on in your vehicle? We offer vehicle engine scanning using the latest technology in vehicle scanners. If you have an engine warning light on our highly trained technicians can scan your vehicle and retrieve the fault code, we can also re-set service lights on most makes and models.

It is a necessity to look at how well your vehicle is operating on a regular basis. An annual vehicle scanning procedure can help with giving you a clear idea of how well your vehicle is running. This helps you to avoid added costs in auto repair services later because our team will find various problems that might need to be fixed before they can become worse.

Expert Vehicle Scanning Service

Its very important to have your vehicle scanned if your engine light is on to ensure you are not doing any further damage to your engine.

Perform a comprehensive check of all major vehicle components, including tyres, wheels, suspension, engine, and exhaust systems.

Inspect the interior of the car, including air ventilation, and the responsiveness of the steering wheel, clutch, and other crucial parts.

Assess the vehicle's performance against desired standards, ensuring it operates smoothly and efficiently.

Examine the vehicle's body for any signs of rust or damage, prioritizing safety and early detection.

Address and potentially treat rust issues promptly to maintain vehicle integrity and safety.

Our car service will ensure that your vehicle will be checked properly and is also safe to use. This especially helps you to get the vehicle registration papers on your car renewed. Contact us as soon as possible if you need help with getting a vehicle checked.

Nu-Tech Car Care Service: Vehicle Scanning